Dividends and Challenges of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

2019-07-23 09:31:28 冠淇科技

This year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has indeed been quite different from previous years. In addition to the collective lack of international giants and the strong rise of intelligent lighting, there are still many people who think about it. This year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has shrunk by 30,000 square meters compared to the peak area of 225,000 square meters. It seems to indicate that the traditional business model is undergoing tremendous changes from sales to display to communication. We cannot say that all traditional models will perish, but the impact of change on this era is indeed enormous. Whether it is the sales model or the consumption habits, in today's era, it is greatly affected by the mobile Internet, and all areas of lighting are no exception. The global economic downturn has had a huge impact on both manufacturing and sales. The shadow of the economic crisis is shrouded in the global sky, people's income is shrinking, and consumption power is falling. Reflected in the lighting and lighting industry, the scale and sales volume of the company has shrunk tremendously. Many people have begun to feel that it is very difficult to operate. It is reflected in the exhibition that the exhibitors have not reduced much, but the exhibition area has shrunk a lot. Of course, we can see that it is only affected, but it is not very big. But next year, maybe the impact will be even bigger? We saw a collective confusion of exhibiting companies at the exhibition. What products are displayed? Many companies seem to have no idea. They are faint in their hearts. Unlike before, no matter what is displayed, there is a circle around the booth. It seems that the level of the customer is infinitely numerous. Now, the products of the exhibitors are infinitely close, and it is very difficult to find out the different things. Even intelligent products can find a lot of homogenization. In the LED era, homogenization has become an epidemic. Fortunately, there are still slight differences in smart products, and a large number of companies have not yet followed, and there is a technical layering that gives people room to breathe. Some companies are beginning to explore the "non-illumination" of lighting. For example, lighting is used in agricultural production, for biological insecticides, for medical treatment or health care, and even for "oxygen supply to plants." Undoubtedly, these people have seen the hope of new technologies and new applications. But it was only budding and did not form a vent. Who are your customers? What are their needs? Exhibitors are getting less and less. Unlike before, confidence is overwhelming. Professional buyers and professional audiences are increasingly unaware of what they should look at, what to buy, what to sell. An unprecedented sense of exhaustion pervades the entire industry. An unprecedented sense of helplessness pervades the entire industry. An unprecedented sense of frustration pervades the entire industry. This is the fragmentation of the mobile Internet era. At this time, the industry especially tests the mind and endurance of the company. Market space will never disappear, and it will not be abnormally shrinking or cyclical. Differentiation will always exist, product positioning will always exist, brand recognition will always exist, and competition will always exist. However, it is up to the time to define who the deer will die. In the mobile internet era of the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, other bonuses are very eye-catching. For example, you don't have to carry a large bag of information to go all the way, just need to scan the QR code, the customer's information can be seen at a glance; you don't have to carry a lot of business cards, a business card Almighty King software can let you put all The customer is loaded into the phone. Those single pages that are flying all over the sky, those thick catalogues, and all kinds of publicity materials that are filled with exhibitions, in addition to the sense of venting, in addition to meeting the special hobbies of some people, in addition to being available for research, there seems to be no bigger The use has almost become a burden for people to rush to abandon. From this moment on, it is already an era when a mobile phone can hit the world. The future booths may be more of an arena for multimedia interpretations. It is an experience showcase and a place for customers to talk and talk about coffee. This is an alternative way of showing the mobile Internet era.