Discussion on the design of smart headlights and the development of future lamp market

2019-07-30 15:08:07 冠淇科技

Well-known domestic associations, guilds, and industry alliances, promote the international optoelectronics exhibition, flat panel display, LED lighting exhibition, precision optics exhibition, solar photovoltaic exhibition, and nanotechnology and other 6 exhibitions, and develop automotive optoelectronics, biomedical, 6 exhibition areas such as 3D printing, forward-looking academic, laser and vacuum technology, plus the plant factory exhibition held in the same period, optoelectronic technology not only spans agriculture, medical care, traditional industries, but also the Internet of Things and automotive optoelectronics. Cross-field trains can be seen as the transformation of Taipei International Optoelectronic Week and the industry. The 2016 International IoT Automotive Optoelectronic Technology Trend Forum was held on June 15-17, 2016, combining the Internet of Things and the automotive optoelectronics market to explore the future development of the automotive market. Mr. Zhang Yongpeng, general manager of Taiwan Color Light Technology, said that the smart headlights were introduced in the high-end models. The new enhanced adaptive high-beam headlight system has active steering lighting, cornering auxiliary lighting, country roads, highways and thick The fog mode, the unique shading function can block the illumination of the opposite or co-directional vehicles. Matrix LED headlamps use a combination of several LEDs for individual illumination, so that adjustments to individual illumination can be avoided to avoid the risk of impact on the incoming vehicle. Texas Instruments DLP technology is used in smart headlights. DMD's function is not only to provide the best lighting for driving in any driving situation, but also to make various high-resolution graphics indications in front of the front of the car. For example, in combination with the navigation system, the "arrow" is projected in advance when cornering. Patterns that guide driving directions; or reminds you of important traffic signs. Allen Zhu, an optoelectronics semiconductor company, said that whether it is a matrix LED headlight or a DLP technology headlight, it mainly brings safety and comfort to the driver. In the future, LED packaging is still the mainstay. The requirements for future headlight products will reach 1000 lm in three years using three LEDs. High-resolution products include DLP and Micro AFS, which are currently under development. The light-guided daylight lamp has a diffuser plate added to the entire light guide, which also makes the corresponding luminous flux requirements of the LED products higher. Finally, OSRAM mentioned that the Synios P 2720 product family consists of three wafer sizes with side lengths of 500 μm, 750 μm and 1 mm, and is available in white, converted yellow, yellow, red and super red. The SYNIOS P 2720 family of light sources offers designers and engineers greater freedom of design in a compact size and expandable package: package size 2.7mm x 2.0mm x 0.6mm, available in a variety of sizes and colors Wafers; materials used for high reliability and high temperature loop stability; they are carefully designed to meet the requirements of automotive lighting applications; in addition, these components are designed for SMT and are suitable for standard processes. The Synios P 2720 can also be paired with FR4 for thermal management. Director Gu Yaohong of the Vehicle Research and Testing Center of the Foundation mentioned the headlights to meet the performance requirements, including mechanical sighting and visual/optical alignment. The mechanical sight is marked, the sighting point, etc. may be a raised object, a level or other sign that is easily identifiable by the manufacturer or the luminaire manufacturer; the visual/optical illuminance is the light type of the low beam and the high beam. For calibration positioning. In the European regulations, the ECER6 directional lights, in the type 5/6, are combined with the types 1/1a/1b and 2a/2b to install the side auxiliary directional lights.