How does the LED ceiling lamp withstand the "tempering" of the market?

2019-08-01 16:54:23 冠淇科技

LED ceiling lamps have slowly integrated into the lives of consumers. When consumers go to the store, we will definitely recommend LED ceiling lamps to them because they are energy efficient, easy to install, free of toxic substances, easy to transport, and no light source. A series of advantages such as pollution. In the informatized city of Beijing, most consumers are willing to accept new things, so the process of transitioning traditional ceiling lamps to LED ceiling lamps is not difficult.

However, the rapid development will inevitably bring about corresponding "complications", the cost of LED products is still relatively high, and the people's awareness of LED products is not enough. In order to obtain higher profits, some manufacturers have hit the quality of their products. discount. From the appearance point of view, it can't identify the quality of the product. The long-term confusion has caused great interference to the development of LED ceiling lamps. The people have misunderstandings about LED products, which is not conducive to the widespread popularity of LED products. It is hoped that in the future development process, relevant departments will be able to intervene and control, so that LED ceiling lamps can truly benefit the people.

In general, the development prospects of LED ceiling lamps are understandable, but the stability of the products and the development environment of the market are in urgent need of improvement.