2017 Jakarta international lighting exhibition, Indonesia

2019-03-02 16:07:54 冠淇科技

Exhibition name: 2017 Jakarta international lighting exhibition, Indonesia

Venue: Jakarta international exhibition center

Organization: ministry of industry, ministry of energy and mineral resources

[Indonesia lighting exhibition] exhibition time: May 17-19, 2017

PT.Global Expo Management(GEM)

[Indonesia lighting exhibition] organized by: ministry of industry of Indonesia, ministry of energy and mineral resources of Indonesia

[Indonesia lighting show] venue: Jakarta international exhibition center

[about the exhibition] :

Inalight 2017 will be held at the same time as Solartech 2017 and Inagrentech 2017 Indonesia green and environmental protection exhibition, aiming to build an excellent communication and procurement platform for local buyers and lighting solution suppliers in the lighting industry.

The Inalight lighting exhibition will attract more than 300 exhibitors from all over the world and is expected to attract 15,000 traders and professional visitors.At the same time, the organizer will carefully arrange a series of business meetings, BBS meeting and other activities to promote exhibitors to find the target buyers, then will attract buyers from Indonesia and southeast Asia to visit, exhibitors will use this opportunity to seize the emerging business opportunities in the Indonesian market, at the same time to grasp the business pulse of southeast Asia!This is your chance to network with lighting colleagues, industry experts, policy makers, academics and international representatives from all over the world to create trade opportunities.

[market introduction] :

Indonesia has around 250 million population, is the world's fifth big country, is also the G20 countries relay after China's economic growth is the strongest, most vibrant country market, energy-saving lamps market is very optimistic, lux research center, a new study shows, the consumption of energy-saving lamps in the developing countries than in developed countries.Over the past decade, the use of solar power, as well as the installation of energy-saving lamps (ESL), has increased significantly in developing countries, from 0 million to 4 million, including India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Indonesia's finance minister, susilo bambang yudhoyono, has said his government wants to boost growth through investment.

This year, the Indonesian government issued regulation no. 18 of 2015 and introduced a series of preferential tax policies to attract domestic and foreign investment, bambang said.One is the policy of exemptions for certain businesses invested in specific areas;Second, it provides tax incentives for green investment industries such as geothermal energy, natural gas processing, LED and harmless waste treatment.The third is a reduction in the corporate tax rate, which Mr Joko has approved, gradually, from the current 25% to 17.5%, but no timetable has been set.

Indonesia hopes to encourage investment through the above preferential policies and measures and push the growth of investment to over 8% this year, so as to push the GDP growth to reach the expected target.

According to the Indonesian ministry of finance, according to the Indonesian "2015-2019 middle construction development planning", Indonesia will in the next five years to build 2650 km highway, highway 1000 kilometers, 3258 kilometers railway, 24 big port, 60 ferry terminal, 15 modern airport, 14 industrial park, 49 reservoir, 33 hydropower station, and about 1 million hectares of farmland irrigation system, is expected to need about $424.5 billion.

China has invested $1.5 billion in Indonesia in the past five years, according to Indonesia's vice chairman of the investment coordination commission.In 2014 alone, it reached $800 million, up 169 percent year on year.

It is reported that 10 years ago, the bilateral trade volume between China and Indonesia was 16.8 billion us dollars. In 2014, it reached 63.6 billion us dollars, nearly quadrupling.In 2014, China's non-financial direct investment in Indonesia reached us $1.05 billion, ranking first among the 10 asean countries, with a year-on-year growth of 37.6 percent.By the end of march this year, China's cumulative investment in Indonesia had reached us $4.14 billion.

The Indonesian government recently said that within five years, the power supply rate is expected to reach 100 percent.Energy and mineral resources minister said Sue Hoyt tillman, orientalism, though some remote areas is still in the state of power shortage even without power, but 84% of the region has been able to ensure the stable supply, Indonesia power supply rate will reach 75% this year, "the government will provide solar lighting equipment for rural people, at the same time, we will also urged investors to increase investment in the energy sector".Investment in Indonesia's power sector is expected to reach $83.5bn over the next five years, according to the ministry of energy and mineral resources.

[scope of exhibits] :

Lamps and lanterns, building lighting, commercial lighting, leds and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), lighting accessories, spare parts and parts, decorative lighting, green lighting, energy saving products, household lighting, street lighting, landscape lighting, stage and studio lighting, public lighting, light manufacturing and measuring equipment, outdoor lighting, lighting design, lighting control technology and solutions, LED, automotive lighting, switch electrical appliances