LED lighting industry will present four major characteristics

2019-03-13 09:19:47 冠淇科技

1. The price increase will continue.

Today, 30 years later, China's economy has entered a "new normal". In the past, the pursuit of development speed and scale of development gradually gave way to the pursuit of development quality and gradually gave way to the pursuit of a rational economic structure. The elimination of backward production capacity and the emphasis on environmental protection will inevitably lead to an increase in the prices of key raw materials. At the same time, after the iron fist is used to control pollution, the government may consider exploring institutional long-term pollution control methods. Therefore, we must not hold the luck of “a gust of wind and pollution campaign” and minimize the use of non-environmental materials and processes in product research and development. Otherwise, it may pay a higher price.

2, cash flow more test the enterprise.

The price increase at the end of last year began with small-scale lighting wholesalers, and then the company that took the brand road. Why? Because these small lighting wholesale companies do not have research and development capabilities, and there is no brand premium space, profits are inherently thin, and raw materials can not stand up. In 2017, accessory processing companies, especially those with high environmental protection requirements, will pay more attention to cash transactions. Think about it, those hardware factories, electroplating factories, painting factories, etc., selling the white powder heart, earning the money to sell cabbage, but also two or three months of the checkout cycle, what will he do? Plus the bank’s credit crunch The settlement method of cash transactions and spot settlement will become more.

3. Where are the industry opportunities? In the final analysis, the product itself.

In 2017, opportunities in the lighting and lighting industry may be more given to companies with product research and development capabilities and innovative spirit. For the lighting and lighting industry, in the popular language, it is necessary to use the power of the wild and the craftsmanship to make products that are truly quality, innovative and culturally appealing. The product is ready, and the price and profit naturally go up.

4, 2017, the road of the platform is a long way to go!

In the past two years, dozens of platforms have been created in the industry. As manufacturers' awareness of the Internet continues to awaken and the pressure on raw material prices rises, the supply platform system, which is inherently more vulnerable to integrated platforms, will be hit harder.