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2019-03-15 09:06:46 冠淇科技

The second plenary meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on the Reform of Rural Collective Property Rights System was held in Beijing on the 14th. Han Changfu, director of the Central Agricultural Office and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that the pilot project for reforming the rural collective property rights system will be deepened. This year, we will select 10 or so provinces, 30 or so cities, and 200 or so counties to carry out pilot projects, and strive to cover the pilot areas to about 80% of the counties; guide the registration of rural collective economic organizations, and strive to complete reforms before the end of the year. The collective economic organization has a certificate rate of 70%. LED music blue light ceiling light

The meeting proposed that in 2019, it is necessary to complete the verification of rural collective assets. Strengthen the data collection of collective resource assets, accelerate the construction of rural collective asset supervision and management platform, comprehensively summarize the experience and effectiveness of clearing and production of nuclear resources; and strive to support the growth of rural collective economy. We will carry out pilot projects to develop and strengthen the collective economy, study and formulate tax policies that support the development of the collective economy, and actively explore measures for the mortgage guarantee of collective assets.

Han Changfu said that this year will also accelerate the legislation of rural collective economic organizations. Carry out legislative investigations, prepare for the formal initiation of legislation, formulate model statutes for rural collective economic organizations, and initiate the revision of the financial accounting system of rural collective economic organizations. At the same time, organize the supervision and reform of the rural collective property rights system. We will organize joint inspections in a timely manner to supervise and inspect the progress of reforms in various places, especially the completion of the verification of nuclear assets, and promote the implementation of reforms on the surface and the implementation of various hard tasks.