Shanghai's innovation system will transform exhibits into commodities, and enter the fair will never end.

2019-03-19 09:23:31 冠淇科技

Spanish ham, Australian red wine, Japanese rice... More than 20 “Exhibition Stars” at the Import Expo have recently entered the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center in a bonded and direct way to meet ordinary consumers.

The first China International Import Expo held in Shanghai last November attracted 3,617 overseas companies to participate in the short six-day session, with a turnover of US$57.8 billion. How to turn the exhibits at the Expo into goods? Shanghai explores and builds a “6 days + 365 days” annual display trading platform to create a never-ending Expo.

One month after the closing of the Expo, the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center, which integrates bonded display, commodity trading, logistics and warehousing services, is open to welcome guests. Compared with duty-paid transactions, bonded transactions have two major advantages for traders: First, changing pre-paid tariffs is after-sales tax, which can revitalize working capital and reduce capital occupancy; second, if sales are not correct, you can Return to the bonded warehouse, transport it to other places for sale, and change the “dead cargo” to “live goods”.

The “Shu Qixing” brand rice in Hokkaido, Japan, was the “explosive model” at the first entry fair, and Shanghai Pu Shihui Import & Export Co., Ltd. entered the Chinese market for the first time through bonded exhibition transactions. After importing, rice is directly transported to the special customs supervision “bonded logistics warehouse” adjacent to the trading center. After the sales center is sold out, the importer will adopt the distribution method to collect the tax at the end of the month, saving the capital cost. To reduce the price by 10% to benefit consumers. Ceiling light LED induction lamp

Shanghai Customs, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Hongqiao Business District Management Committee and other units of cross-sector innovation practices, promoted the pilot of bonded transactions. The platform implements the business review and dynamic supervision system, and controls the brand and quality of merchants and imported goods with the entry threshold and exit mechanism; the “guide price” for the store rent, the “zero rent” of the bonded warehouse and information service, and the sales price. Institutional arrangements such as tariffs save companies logistics and capital costs.

The person in charge of the Business Department of the Management Committee of Hongqiao Business District introduced that there are more than 50 countries, more than 400 brands and more than 8,000 kinds of goods entering the first exhibition platform of Hongqiao Import Commodities Exhibition and Trading Center. The second phase has completed the planning and design, and the B-type bonded logistics center is planned to be put into use at the second import fair.