Run a well-off, get it done! "(The spirit of the two sessions is at the grassroots level) LED

2019-03-26 09:37:50 冠淇科技

On the morning of the 18th, Huang Jisheng, deputy of the National People's Congress and secretary of the Party branch of Zhengzhou, Shuangliushu Township, Huangchuan County, Xinyang City, Henan Province, took more than 50 migrant workers from Zhengzhou and drove more than 100 kilometers from Zhengzhou to Jiaoyulu Memorial Park in Lankao County. . " Lankao is the birthplace of Jiao Yulu's spirit. We are here to convey the spirit of studying the two sessions of the country, which is particularly meaningful." At the beginning of the propaganda, Huang Jiusheng told everyone.

Wang Chenggang, a member of the migrant workers, stood in the front row and took the lead in asking questions: "Is this National Conference and the two conferences, what are you impressed with when you speak to the general secretary?"

"I told the general secretary the story of Ruan Chuanzhong. Their three generations and seven people were on the construction site. The General Secretary of the 19th National Congress reported more than three hours. Ruan Chuanzhong stood and listened to the report." Huang Jiusheng said with a smile. "The General Secretary is very concerned about our migrant workers. I specially conveyed my greetings to this comrade. When I returned to the delegation, I went through the video connection and told the general secretary of the general secretary to tell the old man."

“The general secretary also said that it is necessary to promote the two-way flow and equal exchange of talents, land, capital and other elements between urban and rural areas, and activate the viability of rural revitalization, which gives us the direction for the next step of development!” Back to Henan, Huang Jiusheng Organizing notes overnight, I feel the deepest in this sentence.

"Is it true that migrant workers earn money in the city, can they return to their hometowns to start businesses and enjoy the policy?" asked Peng Chuanhai, a member of the migrant workers.

"Of course! The general secretary asked ‘to develop a variety of forms of agricultural moderate scale operation', we return home to start businesses, develop family farms, farmer cooperatives, very ceiling lamps, floodlights, street lights

As soon as the voice fell, a party member squeezed into the front row and said firmly: "Go back to the hometown to grow tea oil, count me!"