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2019-04-10 09:38:38 冠淇科技

The Ministry of Finance, together with the two sample cities of Beijing and Shanghai, and relevant departments, took the initiative to benchmark the international advanced level, and launched many reform measures in the areas of obtaining electricity and starting enterprises, with good results. Zou Jiayi, deputy minister of finance, said that this year's reform of the business environment was more vigorous, and the measures introduced were more targeted.

In terms of building permits, the reform of the approval system for engineering construction projects is being comprehensively carried out, and the approval process is further streamlined to improve the supervision method. Since taxation, since April this year, the VAT refund tax rebate system has been gradually established; in cross-border trade, Continue to introduce measures to optimize the business environment at the port, improve the convenience of customs clearance, reduce the costs involved in the port, and reduce the customs clearance time.

“At present, the industry evaluation index system for business characteristics with Chinese characteristics has been initially constructed, and trial evaluation has been carried out in 22 cities.” Zhou Xiaofei, deputy secretary-general of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have successively issued a number of targeted reform measures, which are active in various regions. Advanced benchmarking. This year, business environment assessment will be carried out in 40 cities to promote reform and evaluate excellence.

“The focus will be on starting businesses, handling building permits, obtaining credit, paying taxes, handling bankruptcy, and intellectual property protection, which are closely related to market players, and promote the implementation of more practical measures to optimize the business environment, so that enterprises can feel personally. China will continue to be a hot spot for the development of Chinese and foreign investment.