Zhu Ting 26 points to save the Lord Wakifu Gold Bureau lost the Champions League final LED

2019-04-12 09:59:46 冠淇科技

The second round of the semi-final of the European Women's Volleyball Champions League Wakif Bank and Novara ended at Novara on the 10th. The defending champion Wakif Bank scored 14 points in the gold medal. :16 lost to the opponent, missed the final. Chinese player Zhu Ting of Wakif Bank scored 26 points in the game.

The Champions League semi-final adopts a two-round system of home and away. In the first round of the two sides, facing the Italian team Novara, Wakif Bank lost 0-3 at home. This time away, Wakif Bank won by 3:1. According to the regulations, the two sides played a 15-point gold medal to decide the outcome. Music ceiling light

In the gold medal contest, Wakif Bank lost 4 points in the case of the match point at 14:12, and was eventually reversed by the opponent. Sylt Yers of the Wakif Bank team scored 18 points, Novara's trump card with Egnu contributed a total of 39 points. Novara will play against another Italian team Conegliano in the final.