Promote high quality development in manufacturing

2019-04-15 15:51:58 冠淇科技

Pay more attention to the decisive role of the market mechanism and create a high-level open economy to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing

Manufacturing is the mainstay of the real economy and plays a key role in both the Chinese economy and the world economy. Promoting high-quality manufacturing is one of the important tasks of 2019. As China's aging process accelerates and labor costs continue to rise, new development paths must be found.

To make the real economy stronger and better, we must do a good job in four aspects -

The first is to enhance the technological innovation capability of manufacturing. Innovation is the first driving force for development. International experience shows that the sustained development of the economy and society, the improvement of labor productivity and income levels are fundamentally derived from the support of technological innovation. Promoting high-quality development in manufacturing requires a fundamental shift from factor-driven to innovation-driven. It is necessary to further deepen the reform of the science and technology system, deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and improve the support and stability of technological innovation for industrial development.

The second is to promote the optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing structure. We must adhere to both hands, grasp the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and focus on the cultivation of emerging industries, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to high-end, intelligent, green, and service, and promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. The proportion of traditional industries in China's manufacturing industry exceeds 80%, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries has great potential and market space. We must persist in deepening the structural reform of the supply side, accelerate the disposal of "zombie enterprises", implement a new round of major technological transformation and upgrading projects, vigorously cultivate and develop new industries such as new energy vehicles, new materials and artificial intelligence, and foster the development of a number of advanced manufacturing industries. Industry clusters, improve the level of the industrial chain.

The third is to promote the integration and development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. Convergence is a distinctive feature and an important trend in the development of modern industry. It is necessary to encourage the development of networked collaborative R&D and manufacturing, large-scale personalized customization, cloud manufacturing and other new business models; extended online design, data analysis, intelligent logistics, remote operation and maintenance, etc. Value-added services; adhere to the "encourage innovation, inclusive and prudent" regulatory principles to create a fair and healthy development environment for the development of the Internet industry.