Four departments support the promotion of new energy buses LED

2019-05-09 10:26:40 冠淇科技

In order to promote consumption in the public transportation sector, promote the transformation and upgrading of the bus industry, and accelerate the new energyization of buses, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport, and the Development and Reform Commission issued notices, starting from May 8, based on economies of scale and Reduce the cost, adjust and improve the new energy bus purchase subsidy standards.

Beginning in 2019, after completing the sales, the new energy public transport vehicles will pre-allocate some funds in advance, and after applying the mileage requirements, they can apply for liquidation according to the procedures. In the case of the general cancellation of local purchase subsidies, the localities can continue to subsidize the purchase of new energy buses. Implement the new energy bus exemption from vehicle purchase tax, vehicle and vessel tax policy.

At the same time, we will play a good role in the central government's infrastructure subsidy policy, innovate support methods, attract social capital, accelerate the construction of new energy bus charging infrastructure, and meet the needs of vehicle use. The local new subsidy funds for new energy vehicles other than buses will be used to support the construction of “short board” and supporting operation services for charging infrastructure. The fuel subsidy balances of the 2019 and prior years have been arranged by the central government, and the local funds can be reclaimed for the operation of new energy buses. Relevant departments will study and improve the subsidy policy for new energy bus operation. Starting from 2020, the company will focus on supporting the operation of new energy buses by means of “substitute awards”.