French President Mark Long calls for adherence to and maintenance of multilateralism

2019-05-15 11:08:43 冠淇科技

French President Makron said in Paris on the 14th that multilateralism has been questioned, and the core areas of multilateral cooperation such as international trade and climate change have been affected. All countries in the world should work together to firmly safeguard the multilateral framework and enhance confidence in multilateralism.

When Mark Long met with all the directors of the NGO “Peace Leaders Forum” on the same day, he made the above statement. He spoke highly of the report issued by the "Peace Leaders Forum" on the theme of multilateralism.

The "Peace Leaders Forum" held a meeting in Paris from 13th to 14th and released a report. The report sorts out the difficulties and challenges faced by multilateralism and the global governance system. It believes that the vitality of multilateralism should be re-energized by increasing global governance inclusiveness, highlighting preventive diplomacy, and strengthening the ties of civil society organizations.

French Prime Minister Philippe also gave a positive assessment of the "Peace Leaders Forum" report. He said that some countries abandon and deny multilateralism and pose a serious threat to world peace. All countries should transcend short-term interests and narrow nationalism, adhere to openness and cooperation, and jointly safeguard world peace and stability.LED

Kong Quan, member of the Board of Directors of the "Peace Leaders Forum" and deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, stressed at the meeting that individual powers have taken unilateral actions and seriously affected the global governance system and multilateral mechanisms.

Kong Quan said that we must promote the transformation of the G20 into a long-term governance mechanism and the reform of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization. We must also affirm and support new practices and initiatives that are conducive to multilateralism. “One Belt, One Road” promotes cooperation through trust and promotes growth through cooperation. It is an important contribution to multilateralism.

In May last year, former French Prime Minister Raffarin founded the "Peace Leaders Forum" and held its first meeting. The organization is composed of former political figures, former diplomats, experts and scholars, and non-governmental members from many countries. It aims to make unofficial, multi-level and multi-field thinking on the international situation and make suggestions for world peace.