Enhance conscious self-confidence, educate people with care, promote the party's innovation theory and enter the youth LED

2019-05-22 10:20:30 冠淇科技

Huang Kunming, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Central Propaganda Department, went to the Marxist College of Shanghai Fudan University, the China Research Institute and the Marxist School of East China Normal University to investigate and discuss with university teachers and social science theorists, emphasizing the serious study and implementation of Xi Jinping. The secretary's important guiding spirit for strengthening ideological and theoretical construction and well-running ideological and political theory courses, deepening theoretical research and interpretation with a high degree of conscious self-confidence, taking a strong responsibility to serve the people in a pragmatic manner, and pushing the party's innovation theory into the youth and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. .

Huang Kunming pointed out that in-depth study and interpretation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the primary task of the ideological and theoretical circles. It is necessary to work hard in the study of Ming Jing, from the combination of history and reality, theory and practice, to deepen the interpretation of political chemistry, to promote the transformation of political discourse and academic discourse, and to profoundly answer the question of why Marxism, the Communist Party of China, and the society with Chinese characteristics. Why is it good? It is necessary to focus on the needs of the party and the country, in-depth study of major theoretical and practical issues, in-depth summary of major practical experience, strengthen the construction of national high-end think tanks, highlight the forward-looking, strategic, and application of research, and launch more high-quality results. We must show new things in the story of China, vividly tell the great practice of the founding of New China in the past 70 years, tell the unremitting struggle of the Chinese people to pursue a better life, and in the era of promoting the popularization of the popularization of the theory, better explain the Chinese concept and build China. Discourse.

Huang Kunming emphasized that the ideological and political theory course is a key course for Li Deshu people in colleges and universities. It is necessary to adhere to the education of all employees, educate people in all processes, educate people in all aspects, give play to the demonstration role of key Marxist colleges, vigorously cultivate the teaching team, and compile teaching materials and teaching plans. The majority of ideological and political teachers should consciously use their scientific theories to arm their minds and take up the historical responsibility of cultivating socialist builders and successors. They must be politically strong, have deep feelings, be fresh in thinking, have broad horizons, be strict in self-discipline, and have a personality. Be positive. It is necessary to combine the ideological and political curriculum with the "course ideological and political", focus on the characteristics of youth growth, focus on the ideological concerns of the youth, strengthen positive guidance, deepen doubts and doubts, and continuously enhance the affinity of ideological and political education.