Six to eight Beidou satellites will be launched before the end of the year

2019-05-23 11:12:34 冠淇科技

The Beidou system is an important space infrastructure of the country. Since the completion of the basic system of the Beidou No. 3 at the end of 2018, it has been running continuously and stably. At present, the Beidou system has entered the era of global service, and the application industry has developed rapidly and become a national business card.

In the construction of the Beidou system, it inherits the characteristics of the Beidou and is the world-class benchmark. It has completed the construction of the basic system of the Beidou No.3 and provides global service with a positioning accuracy of 3.6 meters. In the future, new services such as satellite-based enhancement, short message communication, international search and rescue, and precision positioning will be provided, and navigation signals with better performance will be broadcast to the world. At the same time, the Beidou-2 system, which has been running continuously for 6 years, has a steady increase in performance. It has completed 4 backup satellite launches, and the system is more stable. The positioning accuracy in the Asia-Pacific region is 2.6 meters. In addition, the construction of the Beidou ground-based augmentation system will form a national “one network”, which can provide real-time centimeter-level high-precision services. The completed global continuous monitoring and evaluation system has the ability to monitor and evaluate the four satellite navigation systems such as Beidou.

In the aspect of application industrialization, the formation of a complete industrial chain, the use of Beidou in the national security and key areas, and the large-scale application in the mass consumption field are accelerating the birth of a new model of “Beidou+” integration application. In 2018, the output value of China's domestic navigation industry has exceeded 300 billion yuan. At present, the domestic Beidou chip technology level has entered the new era of 28 nanometers, facing the Internet of Things and consumer electronics applications, and has launched a chip that fully applies the new signal system of Beidou No.3, and its overall performance is even better than that of international similar products. The domestic Beidou chip has achieved large-scale application, with cumulative sales exceeding 80 million pieces. High-precision OEM boards and receiver antennas have accounted for 30% and 90% of the domestic market respectively. Beidou high-precision products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and Beidou ground-based technology and product system are exported overseas.

In terms of international cooperation and exchanges, the Beidou system has stepped out of the country and is accelerating its journey to the world. The Beidou global application process has been further accelerated, and cooperation mechanisms have been established with more than 30 countries and international organizations.