Taiwan's consumer confidence index continues to decline

2019-05-28 09:59:33 冠淇科技

As international trade frictions heat up, global financial market volatility and financial fragility increase, geopolitical risks rise, and Taiwan's island economic sentiment signal has been in the yellow and blue light representing the “recession” and “growth” for four consecutive months. The confidence index has fallen further.

The "Development Committee" of the Taiwan authorities announced on the 27th that as an important indicator for judging the current economic situation on the island, the comprehensive judgment score of the April strategy signal was 21 points, an increase of 1 point from the previous month, but the lights continued to show yellow and blue lights. This is also the yellow and blue light that symbolizes the weakening of the boom for four consecutive months on the island, indicating that there is no sign of a significant improvement in the current economy. In December last year, the prosperity score once showed a blue light that symbolized the downturn.

According to reports, the island's climate countermeasures signal, also known as the "boom lamp", is an indicator for judging the macroeconomic situation. It consists of five kinds of weak to strong signal lights, such as blue light, yellow blue light, green light, yellow red light and red light. Among them, the blue light represents a downturn, the green light signal represents the current stable economy, the red light represents the hot air, and the yellow blue light and the yellow red light are both attention signals, indicating that the subsequent boom may turn.

Among the nine detailed indicators of the economic response signal, the manufacturing sales volume index continues to show blue light, industrial production index, non-agricultural employment, customs export value, wholesale and retail and catering turnover, manufacturing operating climate, etc. It was yellow and blue, the money supply and stock price index were green, and the import value of machinery and electrical equipment was yellow.

According to a survey released by the Taiwan Economic Development Research Center on the same day, the total number of consumer confidence index surveys on the island in May was 79.48 points, down 5.85 points from the previous month. From an absolute level, the six indicators for the next six months in terms of economic prosperity, price level, timing of purchasing durable products, timing of investing in stocks, and family economic status are all pessimistic, and only the employment opportunity indicators are optimistic.

On a month-on-month basis, the price level of the island in the next half year is the only rising indicator in the consumer confidence index survey, while the timing of investment stocks fell the most, down 35.8 points from the previous month, while employment opportunities, the timing of purchasing durable goods, and the family economic situation were also There is a different magnitude of decline.