Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Xi'an City's gas-related environmental problems increased by 58.4%

2019-05-29 11:20:02 冠淇科技

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment notified the progress of the work of strengthening supervision and fixed-point assistance in key areas of the Blue Sky Defence War in 2019-2020. It is understood that the working groups have discovered a total of 1711 environmental problems. Among them, the enterprises involved in gas “scattering pollution” have not completed 25 rectification problems, 61 should be eliminated from the problem of inadequate coal-fired boilers, 738 pollution prevention and control problems in industrial enterprises, and 61 implementation problems in the discharge permit system. There were 252 “six hundred percent” requirements, 344 dust control issues, and 230 other gas-related environmental issues.

Judging from the recent strengthening of supervision and fixed-point assistance, the problem in Xi'an is more prominent. A total of 141 problems were found, an increase of 58.4% over the previous round. It was found that there were 104 pollution prevention and control problems of industrial enterprises such as pollution control facilities, abnormal operation of pollution control facilities, and non-implementation of VOCs remediation requirements, accounting for 73.8% of urban problems, mainly concentrated in furniture manufacturing, packaging and printing, and mechanical processing industries. Among them, Lantian County Yuzhu Household Products Co., Ltd. is producing, the VOCs collection and processing facilities are not installed in the blow molding process, and the organic waste gas is directly discharged; the paint shop of Xi'an Xinmeite Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. in Linyi District is being produced, and the supporting VOCs photo-oxidation treatment is being carried out. The facility has not been opened, the activated carbon and filter cotton have been dismantled, and the organic waste gas is discharged straight. The Chang'an District Ruiyue Furniture Factory has not handled the environmental assessment procedures. The spray booth and the grinding workshop have not installed exhaust gas collection and treatment facilities, and the exhaust gas such as dust is directly discharged.led

The inspection by the working group found that there are still six gas-sparing “scattering and pollution” enterprises (points) in Xi'an that have not completed the rectification problem, ranking first in the cities. Among them, Chang'an District Shaanxi Huada Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has no formalities, and is a gas-dissipating “scattering pollution” enterprise. The paint spraying process does not install pollutant collection and treatment facilities, and the exhaust gas is directly discharged; Shaanxi Guoshuo Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. in Lianhu District is involved in gas. “Dispersed and dirty” enterprises have not implemented “two breaks and three clears” and still have production conditions; Lantian County Jinzhiyu jade processing factory is a “disorganized pollution” enterprise involved in gas, and has not implemented “two breaks and three clears”, and the production equipment has not been dismantled. , still have production conditions.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment requires that local party committees and governments at all levels should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of ecological environmental protection, attach great importance to it, and earnestly promote the rectification of ecological and environmental issues. Local ecological and environmental departments must seriously investigate and deal with corporate environmental violations and urge enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibility for environmental protection.