How bright are the hearts of these old people! (people's livelihood)

2019-06-03 09:41:21 冠淇科技

It is not difficult to see others in trouble and sympathy. The hard part is not only thinking about it in the brain, but also doing it with painstaking efforts, and after years, no regrets

There is a father in Jiangxi, 91 years old this year. Since 2001, he has insisted on tearing off the street's "small advertisements" like psoriasis. In 18 years, he has tore more than 400,000 pieces, his nails have been broken back a bit, and the knife has broken more than a dozen. Ask him what? If you don’t have money, you don’t want to be a figure.

There is a grandfather in Sichuan who had a car accident a few years ago. It is simply "a death." Later, he took his wife and volunteers as volunteers. He did it for more than three years, and he was misunderstood and insulted. Ask him why? In order to reduce the tragedy of car accidents.

There is also an old man who is over 70 years old in Gansu. Every time he gets heavy snow, he brings a broom and a shovel. On the road three kilometers away, he is obliged to sweep snow. This sweep is more than 20 years. What does he want? To pass the safety of the vehicle.

The three old people have one thing in common: when they see a pit, they want to be flat and don't want others to fall in.

In these good deeds, we can see the traces of empathy. I have been in a car accident and I feel bad about it. I think about it. It’s best not to have someone else suffer this crime. I have to do something wrong. Empathy is the psychological bond of a group society, facing the possible bad situation. If you can feel the same feelings and face disputes, you can change your mind and think that the society will become warm and tender. "One person is arrogant, and the seat is not happy." "Gifting the seat" will naturally help "one person" to tide over the difficulties; seeing others are not good, this is the inexhaustible driving force for seeing righteousness.

These practices represent the good character of people. It is not difficult to see others in trouble and sympathy. The hard part is not only thinking in the brain, but also doing the painstaking efforts, and after years, no regrets. How bright are the hearts of these old people!

Why are these things done by the elderly? Because of the narrow gains and losses, sacrificing one's energy and time, for others. Not everyone can think so, do this. Some people fall into the pit themselves, hate that others can fall in, to get a psychological balance. I am not good, don't think about it well - this kind of stagnation will inevitably lead to a thorny life; "I hope that people in the world will be ill, even if they have medicines on the shelves" "but they have to be full of life, not to lie down "The dying sun", this pattern is high, and it is a model for us to cultivate ourselves.

Shovel advertising, traffic guidance, and clear snow can not rely on the singles of three or two good people. "Don't be alone, there must be neighbors." Everyone reaches out and there is a pit to fill in, and the society will become more and more beautiful.